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About the company
SONGER specializes in the sale and rental of sea containers. The main priority of the company is a long-term cooperation, so special attention is paid to the high quality of each item of equipment.
SONGER — translated from the French "to cogitate, to think". This perfectly conveys our attitude to customers and partners.
Working with us, you will definitely receive advice on all existing issues, recommendations on the selection of a container and its operation, as well as support at all stages of the deal.
We are professionals in the container handling equipment market and are constantly developing our business. We are actively growing and working in Russia, Europe, as well as in China.
By choosing Songer as partners, you can be sure that all the initial agreements will be respected
We take money seriously and eliminate all possible risks. All our projects are well thought out and financially insured
We strive to conquer the market and new customers, so we value everyone. Our company is always open to cooperation with new partners and finds an individual approach even to the most demanding of them.
Our advantages:
In recent years, there has been a crisis situation all over the world. At this time, we are showing steady growth, having significantly increased our turnover. Our company is growing, our partners are growing
Songer already cooperates not only with Russian companies. We have business partners from China, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland and we certainly do not intend to rest on our accomplishments
Financial stability
Geographical spread
Progressive business model
Songer is a young and ambitious company
Our advantages:
For investors
The provision of sea shipping containers for international transportation is one of the most popular services of our time, which makes it very attractive for investment
With an investment
of 1,400,000 rubles
You will return your investments in 1.5 years
And by this time you will receive 40% of the profit from the amount of investments
Cooperation since 2019
They trust us
Cooperation since 2019
Cooperation since 2019
Cooperation since 2019
Way Group
Cooperation since 2019
Cooperation since 2019
Транс Контейнер
Cooperation since 2019
Cooperation since 2019
Cooperation since 2019
Cooperation since 2019
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