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About Us
Our specialization is the sale and rental of shipping containers. We are supporters of long-term cooperation; we pay special attention to each of them.
The French word "SONGER", which means «to think» or «to dream», is the best way to express our attitude towards our clients and partners.
If you choose us as a partner, you will certainly receive answers to your questions and extensive recommendations on choosing and using the best container for your purposes. We also provide support throughout our deals.
We are a part of the market of container equipment. As professionals we try our best to develop our business. Also, we actively grow and work in Russia, Europe, and China.
If you choose Songer as a partner, you can be sure that all our agreements will be respected.
The SONGER company has financial stability; we take all possible risks into account. All our projects are carefully arranged and financially insured.
Our appreciation of everyone has helped us to win the market and new clients. We are always open to new partners and offer an individual approach even to the most demanding of them.
Our advantages:
Over the past few years, the world has been in a crisis; but on the other hand, we have shown a steady growth and have multiplied our turnover. Our company is growing, as are our partners.
Songer has been working exclusively with Russian companies for a long time, but we have been expanding our borders and doing business with partners from China, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, and Finland. Rest assured that we do not intend to stop there!
Financial stability
High reliability
A wide geography
A progressive business model
Youth and ambitions
Our advantages:
The provision of sea shipping containers for international shipments is one of the most sought-after services of our time. This is what makes us very attractive for investment.
If you choose to invest
of 1,400,000 rubles or more in us
You will return your investment in 1.5 years
And get a 40% profit based on the amount of your investment.
Cooperation since 2019
We are a trusted partner
Cooperation since 2019
Cooperation since 2019
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Транс Контейнер
Cooperation since 2019
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Cooperation since 2019
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