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SONGER — is a major lessor of shipping containers. Companies around the world use our shipping containers for international trade every day.
At any point in time, millions of containers carry a wide range of goods around the world. We can help you reach your purpose!
Rent a container
Shipping containers are used to carry a wide range of goods. There is no product whose production did not involve a shipping container at some point. Any company that values loss-free cargo carriage can see the safety, reliability, and profit of our offer for itself.
At the same time, we at SONGER are keen to create unique solutions that will let you fulfill your goals.
SONGER — is an international company whose current operations are concentrated in:
As we work toward growth, please feel free to discuss your projects in other countries with us.
We are engaged in direct deliveries of 20- and 40-ft containers from Europe and Asia, which allows us to keep our prices low.
— Belgium
— the Netherlands
— Germany
— Italy
— Russia
— China
Our geography
the Netherlands
• the Netherlands
• Belgium
• Germany
• Italy
Our advantages:
Reliability as partners whose specialists will provide support for a long time
A chance to implement the most engaging projects on the most favorable cooperation terms
20- and 40-ft containers compliant with international standards. All of our containers are suitable for commercial activities
A flexible system of leasing containers
Our Company priorities are growth and reliability. We always expand our logistics and participate in new projects. We make every effort to support our credibility thanks to our chosen development vector. We intend to continue strengthening our reputation as a company that both investors and partners can safely rely on and invite you to join us as a client!
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